Rivergate House of Prayer is a spiritual community of Jesus/Yeshua-followers on a journey of discovery. We are endeavoring to learn more about our Triune God. 
Our desire is to grow in passionate worship to the Lord and in compassionate service to people. We draw deeply and teach from our ancient Messianic roots, the example of the early Celtic Church and the mystical adventure that a Jesus follower has the privilege of living. Our intent is to honor Yeshua’s desire for His house to be a House of Prayer, therefore, we prioritize prayer and worship as core values.
We believe that Church is more than just a group of people gathering together as a spiritual community. We see it more as a family who have made a commitment to each other and will walk through life in supportive relationships. Our hope is that you would sense the presence of the Creator and the love of God’s people at our gatherings.
Come and see!